MP takes on transport and infrastructure


Strathfield MP Charles Casuscelli has been given an important new role in the state government, and won praise from the premier for his work so far.

Casuscelli, who won the seat in March, will be using his expertise to help solve the State's critical transport and infrastructure problems as chair the Legislative Assembly Committee on Transport and Infrastructure.

The nomination came from Premier Barry O'Farrell, who said: “Charles has produced extraordinary results for the Liberal Party at the election in March and he has impressed me with his hard work and enthusiasm since entering Parliament.

“Charles has demonstrated a great passion for transport and infrastructure issues in the electorate of Strathfield and this new position will give him the opportunity to apply that enthusiasm to those issues across the State."

Since being elected, the Strathfield MP has championed the M4 East, traffic congestion and the Strathfield Town Centre plan. He brought State Treasurer Mike Baird to the Town Centre during the election campaign and has invited him back for a second look.

Casuscelli said he was looking forward to the opportunity of Chairing the Committee on Transport and Infrastructure.

“Transport and roads were, and continue to be, especially for the community of the Inner West,  the number 1 priority in the State's march to recovery led by the new Government," he said.

"We have the benefit of an untold number of enquiries, some of those are very recent and all have made substantial recommendations to improve transport and infrastructure.

"I am very much aware of the enormous task before us, roads are crumbling away before our very eyes, traffic congestion is now affecting us each and every day, bus and rail journeys are often uncomfortable, unreliable or inconvenient and sometimes its all three.

"It will take time, but with a little vision and one step at a time we will get there"

He is is expected to be confirmed as Chair when the Committee meets for the first time.


Dear Mr Lynch

I read with interest your comments in this article about the appointment of Mr Casuscelli, as I have just seen that he is advocating for an extension to the M4 motorway.

I have come across a policy document that seems to show that many traffic engineers are actually recommending that in places like LA road buildinghas actually made things worse for people due to a phenomonen called induced traffic (at its most basic it's saying more roads= more people opt to drive= more congestion. It's interesting stuff so I am posting it here.

I'd be keen to know your thoughts on the information here



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